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How to measure wheel bolt pattern?

For the wheel to fit properly, you must know the number of wheel bolts in the hub and bolt circle. To determine the bolt circle on wheels with an even number of bolt holes, you should measure center-to-center on bolt holes directly across from each other on the diameter (example: 8 on 6-1/2 would mean 8-bolt holes with 6-1/2" center-to-center diameter).  An 8-lug trailer wheel should always measure with a spacing of 6.5”.

On odd number bolt wheels, you should measure any bolt hole center to the point halfway between bolt holes on the diameter (example: 5 on 4-1/2 would mean 5-bolt holes with 4-1/2" measure to a point halfway between the opposite bolts).

The tool below is a common one used to measure a 5-bolt trailer wheel.  Not all 5-lug hubs are spaced the same, and this tool measures with ease.  If one is not available, measure from the outside of one bolt hole (or stud) to the center of the one located diagonally across from it, and that measurement will be your bolt pattern in inches.  For example, if you measure 5 inches, then the correct pattern would be a 5 on 5.


How to Measure Trailer Axle?

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Big Tex Wiring Diagrams

Standard Big Tex electrical Connector Wiring Diagrams


Dexter Maintenance Schedule

Brakes Test that they are operational X X X X
Brake Adjustment Adjust to proper operatingclearance (not required with Nev-R-Adjust brakes) X
Brake Magnets Inspect for wear and current draw X
Brake Linings Inspect for wear or contamination X
Brake Controller Check for correct amperage and modulation X
Brake Cylinders Check for leaks, sticking X
Brake Lines Inspect for cracks, leaks, kinks X
Trailer Brake Wiring Inspect wiring for bare spots, fray, etc. X
Breakaway System Check battery charge and switch operation X X X X
Hub/Drum Inspect for abnormal wear or scoring X
Wheel Bearings and Cups Inspect for corrosion or wear. Clean and repack X
Seals Inspect for leakage. Replace if removed. X
Suspension Parts Inspect for bending, loose fasteners, and wear. X
Suspension Wet Bolts & Equalizers Grease X
Extreme Duty Bushings Grease X
Hangers Inspect wields. X
Wheel Nuts & Bolts Tighten to specific torque values X
Wheels Inspect for cracks, dents, or distortion X
Tire Inflation Pressure Inflate tires to mfg's specifications X
Tire Condition Inspect for cuts, wear, bulging, etc. X

Spring Axle VS Torsion Axle

How to correctly use electric trailer brakes

Torque specifications